Kenneth Vaughn

Development Officer

(810) 767-3564

Here’s how I can help
What is an endowment? What do you mean by philanthropy? How can I help, I don’t have a million dollars?

Get to know Ken:

Community leadership roles?
I currently serve as a committee member for the Gus Macker Committee. I also have a Jeep group that works in the Flint and Detroit community. I serve as president.
I love making candles. I have a plan to open an online candle store (small business) and create a candle-making class soon after.

Dream vacation?
I always dreamed of visiting Africa. I would like to track my family heritage to a specific tribe and community and visit there.

Favorite food or family food tradition?
I started cooking as soon as I was able to reach the microwave. I watched my grandmother cook faithfully until it was my time to shine. Macaroni and cheese has always been a favorite in my house. During the holidays, my mom will only eat my mac and cheese. I love all kinds!