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Lydia Starrs

Senior Program Officer
Community Impact

Here’s how I can help

I’m here to help you develop the best and most competitive application for funding. I advocate for your organization and application to ensure our volunteers and board members have all the information and answers to make grant award decisions. I can connect you with other nonprofits and community experts who can support and strengthen your project.

Get to know Lydia:

Community leadership roles?

Co-chair of Flint Lead Free, and Vice Chair of the Genesee County Breastfeeding Coalition

What is the best part of your job?

Hearing about and witnessing the impact of our grantmaking. My work is just a small piece of how programs and services are delivered to community. Grantee organizations do the amazing and difficult work of bringing what’s written in the application to life. It’s like Christmas morning when you get to see the project you read about months ago happening and residents benefitting from it.

Favorite book or current read?

I’m a 90’s kid so it has to be Harry Potter, of course! This series spanned the better part of my adolescence—elementary to college—and I was always captivated by the world J.K. Rowling created.

Favorite food or family food tradition?

Chicken nuggets. As the staff person responsible for health grantmaking you’d probably expect something a bit healthier, but even I recognize we all need and deserve our guilty pleasures.