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Amy Krug

Director of Development

Here’s how I can help

How can I support the organizations that I care about after my lifetime? Do I need to have a large lump sum to create a Donor Advised Fund? I want to help kids in my community, is a scholarship the best way to go?

Get to know Amy:

Community leadership roles?

Past president of the Rotary Club of Flint; part of the committee that started the Thompson Road Dog Park (Fenton Township, Fenton & Linden); and Past president of the Alumni Society at the University of Michigan-Flint.

What is the best part of your job?

I love being part of a team that is actively working to improve every aspect of the community that I love.

Why do you love where you live?

I have been blessed that my past two homes have been on water. I grew up on a small lake and have a family cottage on a lake up north. While I enjoy all water related activities, simply watching the water is soothing to my soul.

Favorite food or family food tradition?

My family gathers every Sunday for dinner together. This started with my grandparents, who are both gone now, but we continue it because it keeps us connected and their memories alive for us.