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Leaving a Legacy

Stories of Impact

Leaving a Legacy

Empowerment in Action: Jessica Judson

“Over the years, I researched different health outcomes, became a mom, and my passions started to stack up,” Judson said. “FWGF has sparked my involvement and helped me continue to strengthen my passion for the community.”

Stories of Impact

Nonprofits and leaders of color celebrated in EVC inaugural cohort

Eight organizations, eighteen months of collaboration, and an immeasurable amount of passion were on display at the Flint Enterprising Ventures of Color Capstone Salon Dinner on February 16 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Leaving a Legacy

Waldo Bronson Preserve's Wife's Legacy

When Cassandra passed away her husband, Waldo Bronson, established the Cassandra R. Bronson Endowment Fund to benefit the good works of the local Zeta Beta Foundation. Since 2007, over $6,600 in grants have supported the Stork’s Nest program.

Stories of Impact

Sharing Goodness

Bobby Blake knows what it means to live in a food desert. “When the grocery stores left town, there was no place to buy fruits and vegetables,” he said. “I had to get on a bus and travel a long distance just to feed my family.”

Flint’s first Black mayor

The Floyd J. McCree Legacy Fund

In recognition of the City of Flint’s first Black mayor Floyd J. McCree, Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley, along with Community Foundation leadership and ...