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The purpose of the Flint Women and Girls Fund is to encourage the advancement and full participation of women and girls in society by promoting the removal of barriers to their economic, educational, physical, emotional, social, artistic, and personal growth.

This means: (1) supporting programs that advocate policy and system change on issues that affect women/girls; (2) encouraging programs that will enable women and women's organizations to achieve economic self-sufficiency; (3) supporting organizations that increase the range of choices available to women and girls; and (4) giving high priority to organizations in which women are the primary decisionmakers.

In 1985, a group of local women made contributions to the Flint Public Trust with the purpose of supporting programs to benefit local women and girls. They named it the Flint Women and Girls Fund and the first meeting was held at the home of Jan Burnside. Many years later, over $707,945.33 in gifts have been made, and over $321,000 in grants have been awarded.

OrganizationGrant PurposeGrant Award

The Scholars Etiquette and Self-Image Institute

Providing tools to remove barriers that influence unhealthy decision-making.$15,000
Charles Stewart Mott Community CollegeWomen in Education is helping area women to overcome non-traditional and unexpected barriers in the pursuit of their education through funding, mentorship, training, and basic needs support.$7,790
Ivy HouseLet's Do B.R.U.N.C.H. is designed to provide girls ages 13-18 and their significant female caregivers the opportunity to explore and learn about STEM and other non-traditional careers while equipping them with tools and resources to build resilience, self-confidence, economic empowerment, and social development skills.$7,790

Flint Women and Girls Grant Advisory Committee

  • Jessica Judson, Chair
  • Ariana Heath, Vice Chair
  • Carol Hurand, Trustee Liaison
  • Brandee Cooke-Brown
  • Schuyler Davis
  • Lisa Humphrey
  • Katie Kool-Wray
  • DeAndra Larkin
  • Andrea LeGendre
  • Janet Poole-Little
  • Nadia Rodriguez
  • Elisabeth Saab
  • Kenyetta Snell
  • Ana Vargas
  • Tamala Ware
  • Essence Wilson
  • Courtni Johnson
  • Mark Piper, Ex-Officio
  • Mark Miller, Ex-Officio

Libby Award

The Libby Award was created in 2000 to honor the achievements and contributions of Olivia P. “Libby” Maynard, a lifelong philanthropist and advocate for women and girls in Genesee County. The Flint Women & Girls Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint honors a local woman every other year with the Libby Award. Nominations are being accepted through April 12, 2024. Fill out the form here.

Former Libby Award Recipients

2000 – Olivia P. Maynard

2002 – Sarah E. Warner

2004 – Celia Perez Booth

2006 – Claire M. White

2008 – Dolores C. Ennis

2010 – Susan L. Moulton, M.S.N.

2012 – Katherine Saunders

2014 – Evelyn V. Golden M.D.

2016 – Jessie M. Muldrew, Ph.D.

2018 – Kathryn “Kitty” Moeller

2020 – Sandra L. Murphy and Reta Stanley

2022 - Harriet Kenworthy and Sally Kagerer

Endowed Associated Funds

  • Amalia Hernandez Endowment Fund
  • Bess Hurand Fund for Women and Girls
  • Cassandra R. Bronson Endowment Fund
  • Charles and Ruth Dodge Fund
  • Denise K. Ghattas Fund in Memory of Helen K. Persson
  • Dorothy W. Booth Fund
  • Dorothy M. Reynolds Fund
  • Evelyn V. Golden, M.D. Medical Fund for Women
  • Harriet and Watson Kenworthy Fund
  • Hilda Suomola Memorial Fund
  • Joyce M. Connor Fund for Women and Girls
  • Karen R. Piper Fund
  • Kitty Moeller Fund
  • Penny Krutsch Fund for Women and Girls
  • Sarah E. Warner Endowment for the Arts
  • Suseela Kanuri and Satyavathi Anne Fund

Support Women and Girls

Support women and girls in Flint and Genesee County by giving to the Flint Women and Girls Fund.