The Flint Promise Scholarship Program offers Flint graduates a guided pathway to helping students achieve completing post-secondary education. A path filled with light, hope, and the promise of support when the day-to-day struggles of studying, basic needs, and health issues become barriers to success. This is the promise we make to Flint scholars — you can earn a college education.

Young adults in Flint, Michigan find hope and opportunity in The Flint Promise, especially for those who are first-generation college students. Through The Flint Promise, donors have the unparalleled opportunity to ensure a new generation can experience the benefits of higher education. Scholarship dollars give both current and future generations of Flint youth the chance to take full advantage of what a college diploma can do, and graduate with little or no student debt. Your support of The Flint Promise creates a clear pathway to academic excellence by providing students with a chance for future success.

The Flint Promise allowed me to focus on my studies by providing all the financial support that I needed. Not only did they support me financially, but they also were there in every way possible. The mentors would send inspirational quotes and try to help in every way that they could. This scholarship was essential to my academic success.”

- Darius Collins, 2022 Flint Promise Graduate

An opportunity for all
To apply for The Flint Promise, students must graduate from one of 11 high schools located within the City of Flint or receive a GED in the City of Flint, and reside within the City of Flint at the time of graduation. All students who seek the scholarship apply for federal student aid by completing the FAFSA form that determines the student’s eligibility for need-based aid like the federal Pell Grant. Once the student’s total need-based aid (grants, not loans) is determined, The Promise provides the student with a scholarship to pay the remainder of the bill for tuition and fees. For students, The Promise will combine three sources of funding — a Pell grant or other need-based aid, private contributions, and revenue from the Flint Promise Zone Authority. The result for students is the opportunity to attend college free of any out-of-pocket costs for tuition and fees.

More than a Promise
The Flint Promise partners with Mott Community College, Kettering University, and the University of Michigan-Flint to ensure students have access to the degree, certificate, or other college credential they wish to pursue. Success coaches guide the academic pathway through mentoring and access to community resources. Life issues like childcare, transportation, and access to food and housing are common barriers to a successful outcome. Through The Promise program, students and their coaches work through these concerns. The unique wrap-around services offered through The Flint Promise support students on a path toward a well-paying career and a promising future.

Mission Possible
The Flint Promise Fund was established in 2018 through generous support from Consumers Energy, Tom Gores, and other individuals. To build the endowment to $4 million, your gifts make all the difference. Help us light a pathway so that every high school graduate in Flint has access to a college education without incurring long-term debt. To learn more about this endowment campaign contact Kenneth Vaughn, Development Officer, at 810-767-8270, or email

Flint Promise helped me graduate college by providing the funds necessary. Without Flint Promise, my ultimate dream of post-graduate studies would have been much less attainable due to financial constraints. Thanks to Flint Promise I was able to finish my undergraduate degree completely debt-free."

- Anna Delgado, 2022 Flint Promise Graduate

Seeking Scholarships?

Students interested in seeking scholarships through The Flint Promise can learn more at