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Brett Hunkins

Chief Financial Officer
Finance and Administration

Here’s how I can help

I can answer questions about endowments, CFGF investments, and impact investing; tell you more about our investments and the importance of diverse managers within our investment portfolio; and about how the Community Foundation determines dollars to distribute.

Get to know Brett:

Community leadership roles?

Serve on Fiscal Administrative Operations Group (for community foundations) Accounting Practices and Best Practices committees, and serve as faculty for Council on Foundations community foundation excellence courses.

What is the best part of your job?

Getting to think about how to steward dollars that have been entrusted to us in ways that best achieve equity within the community, and to change people’s preconceptions about what finance is and what finance people do.

What music are you streaming?

Apple Music Favorites Mix, which includes renaissance-era choral and brass music, 80’s rock, Beck, and my two favorite groups: The Beatles and Take 6.


I like to do crosswords and other daily puzzles. I enjoy sports and music.

Favorite food or family food tradition?

I would eat a plain baked sweet potato every day.