Centering Equity

Our Vision

A vibrant and equitable Genesee County where everyone can thrive.

Our Mission

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint partners and leads by influencing and connecting generosity to Genesee County needs. For Good. For Ever. For Everyone.

Our Commitment to Centering Equity

Three years ago, the board of trustees of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint embedded equity into the organization’s vision statement. Our vision for a vibrant and equitable community centers equity by listening to and engaging community voices, and developing grantmaking strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

In partnership with the community, we established the Greater Flint Coronavirus Taskforce on Racial Inequities. We rely on this group of 27 multi-sector partners for advice and counsel, listening to their voices, identifying health inequities that continue to surface, and creating solutions to tackle those inequities.

Community Foundation Staff Internal Equity Statement

We commit to creating and maintaining a fair and just workplace where everyone is valued and can thrive. We believe trust, innovation, and collaboration will flourish when every individual is cultivated to succeed, grow, and be their authentic self.

Community Foundation Staff Anti-Racism Statement

We condemn racism and oppression toward black, indigenous, and all people of color. We are working to create a just and equitable society where everyone can thrive. Equity is at the core of our work. We commit to dismantling unjust systems that allow racism to persist. In honor and memory of George Floyd and all those who preceded him, let justice be served.