Five media outlets are sharing the good news and challenges in Flint, expanding their reporting staff, circulation, and credibility as reliable news sources.

With different audiences and formats, each has expanded reporting in the areas of health care, education, neighborhoods, housing, and seniors. Funding comes from the Flint Journalism Support Fund established by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to support hyperlocal media capacity in the greater Flint area.

Three are produced in print — East Village Magazine, Our Community, Our Voice, and The Flint Courier News. Two others rely on digital platforms. Some share stories for greater exposure.

“Local journalism, local stories are important. They are the very lifeblood of a community,” said M. Christopher Frye, editor, of Our Community, Our Voice. “Without them not only are residents often underinformed, they are also subject to the misinformation of rumor and innuendo. An informed community is an engaged community and an engaged community is a vibrant community.”

Results of the increased coverage are evident each week as important stories are covered such as the Flint City Council, Flint Community Schools Board of Education, American Rescue Act funding, and COVID-19 vaccines for adults and youth. Coverage of the 2022 election was expanded, with an emphasis on voting. As important is the sharing of positive stories in the areas of entrepreneurship, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

“We take pride in sharing stories of the positive things people in our community our doing, keeping up to date with matters that affect them, and providing valuable resources,” said Tanya Terry, editor of The Flint Courier News. “The Flint story is one that inspires and encourages Flint residents, as well as others around the country and throughout the world.”

An informed community is an engaged community and an engaged community is a vibrant community."

- M. Christopher Frye, editor, Our Community, Our Voice