Born and raised in Davison, Amanda Snider Doren loves her community. She’s never had a desire to move elsewhere, finding great joy in the new home that she and husband Dustin have built in Davison Township. The couple looks forward to planting roots and raising a family in Amanda’s hometown.

For this young professional, Davison is, and always will be, home. Amanda works in the family business, Snider Financial, established by her father. She’s felt connected to the business since childhood, recalling family dinner conversations about finance and entrepreneurship. She pursued a degree in financial management from Hillsdale College but chose not to follow a corporate finance route.

“I really wanted to be on the personal side where I could form authentic relationships with clients,” she says. “I enjoy educating and empowering clients to make their own decisions in all things financial. With this relationship, they can in turn better help provide for their family and community, and that can span generations.”

Faith and family values – love of God and others – has grounded her life. She has a genuine calling to serve, and does so with a pure heart, grace and love.

“Service and leadership were ingrained in our family. From a very early age, my brother and I really didn’t know any other way to live than to serve others.”

Joining the Community Foundation’s Gen Forward Network for young philanthropists was a great way to reconnect with her community after college. Amanda also joined the Davison Community Fund Advisory Committee, joining other local leaders in advising grants in the area, and growing the community’s permanent endowment.

“Davison is a community that cares about its people, and I want to help preserve that for future generations.”