Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

In June 2017, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation committed approximately $24 million in 14 multi-sector collaborations in communities across the United States to implement a Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation process. Each place received a grant for implementing their TRHT and to a growth fund to sustain the work for the long-term.

Flint TRHT logoThe Community Foundation of Greater Flint was awarded an $825,000 multi-year grant to actively promote racial healing in Flint, one of the country’s most segregated cities. Grant funding has supported training for local healing practitioners, a racial healing day, community-wide visioning sessions, and the RACE Exhibit at the Sloan Museum. At the core of those conversations, we find the racial dynamics of our city.

We have embarked on an opportunity to mitigate or even prevent the sting of crises like the one we are in now by understanding the need to explore perspectives from our past, heal from past hurts, and look deeper into our community’s racial history using TRHT as a frame.

Communities must heal so they can grow. Our TRHT work is focused on healing and building sustainable progress neighbor by neighbor, community by community, to transform Flint so all children can have a brighter future.


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What’s Next for TRHT?

The next phase of TRHT is focusing on narrative change and racial healing/relationship building. Grants will be made to local organizations, coalitions and institutions who can achieve the stated goals.

Narrative Change

  • Bring about an awareness of the Flint community’s full story
  • Challenging myths
  • Address and provide new language and tools on how to communicate with one another
  • Amplify authentic community voices
  • Capture and share the untold/disappeared community stories
  • Organize principles to act/share stories

Racial Healing/Relationship Building

  • Unearth deeply rooted beliefs and attitudes
  • Heighten awareness of our common humanity
  • Increase number of people in authentic conversations
  • Engage the community in healing activities

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