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For over 27 years, CFGF has worked with Flint residents to identify the changes they want to see in their neighborhoods.  We know that lasting change happens when residents have resources to drive the kind of change they want to see where they live, work and play.

Flint kids are playing on beautiful new playgrounds in six Flint parks, thanks to the generosity of entertainer Bruno Mars.

We are committed to supporting Flint residents create vibrant, safe, attractive neighborhoods through the Neighborhoods Small Grants Program. CFGF staff work closely with over 50 block clubs and neighborhood associations, helping them connect with each, identify effective leadership development strategies, and apply for grants that will provide important dollars for neighborhood improvements.  Grants are advised by the Neighborhoods Small Grants Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers who know and understand the needs in Flint.

Our work is made possible by the generosity and support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Ruth Mott Foundation, and charitable funds of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint – Mary Elizabeth Adams Manley Beautification Fund, Neighborhoods Small Grants Program Endowment Fund, and Poverty Fund

Neighborhoods Small Grants Program
The Neighborhoods Small Grants Program was created to support established and emerging citizen-base groups or organizations in moderate to low-income neighborhoods in and near the City of Flint to develop projects that address pressing issues within their neighborhoods; build alliances with other community institutions; and develop community-based leadership.

The intended outcomes of NSGP grants are:

  • Community members actively engage in community change efforts
  • Community members view themselves as stakeholders that can partner with institutions to address critical issues
  • Community members have pride in their neighborhoods and motivation to continue their work

The Neighborhood Small Grants Program grant deadline has now passed and the 2021 grant application is now closed. 

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Gary Burns

Gary Burns, Vice President, Eastside Franklin Park Neighborhood Group

"It is a whole lot better than what it was,” says Gary Burns, Vice President, Eastside Franklin Park Neighborhood Group. "We have our ideal plans that will take a few years to put fully into place, but we want it to be used by all the neighbors.”