Fenton Community Fund

The Fenton Community Fund supports a broad area of interests including arts and culture, community development, health and human services, and recreation. A local advisory committee meets throughout the year to review grant applications and advise funding to nonprofits that exclusively benefit the Fenton, Lake Fenton and Linden communities.

In 1991, the Fenton Community Fund was established under the leadership of Jack Winegarden. Well-known for his folksy and unabashed style in connecting with donors, Winegarden also served as a Community Foundation trustee from 1992-1999. Winegarden nurtured the growth of the community’s permanent endowment through the establishment of associated funds, like the Florence Michelson Fund, which is advised by the local advisory committee. We are grateful for Jack Winegarden’s vision and the everlasting legacy he created for the south lakes area.

Fenton Advisory Committee

  • Edward Walterhouse, Chair
  • Tom Rupp, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Petty, Past Chair
  • Ron Stack, Trustee Liaison
  • Denise Booher
  • Keith Green
  • Tom Hufton
  • Greg Krueger
  • David Lossing
  • Bev McKenna
  • Dr. Gerianne Mulanix
  • Chad Robinson

Recent Grants

We Are Proud to Support These Great Nonprofits

  • Argentine Township Police Department
  • City of Fenton
  • Fenton Area Public Schools
  • Fenton Community Orchestra
  • GearUp2Lead -- Alternative High School in Fenton
  • Genesee County Parks - Linden County Park
  • YMCA of Flint - Camp Copneconic

Endowed Funds associated with the Fenton Community Fund

  • Franklin D. Adams Fund
  • Richard A. Beardsley Memorial Fund
  • James T. Botticelli Scholarship Fund
  • William and Alberta Close Memorial Fund
  • William and Alberta Close Endowment Fund for the Loose Senior Center
  • Fenton Area Public Schools Education Foundation Fund
  • Fenton High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
  • Fenton Historical Society Endowment Fund
  • Horace W. Hitchcock Memorial Fund
  • Jason E. King “Thinking of Others First” Fund
  • Lake Fenton Community Schools Foundation Fund
  • Loose Senior Center Endowment Fund
  • Florence Michelson Fund
  • Popa Family Endowment Fund
  • South Lakes Youth Initiative Program Fund
  • Kim and Ginger Virkler Community Trails Fund
  • Winegarden Family Endowment Fund

Sitting on a bench overlooking Leroy Street, Linda Hathaway reflects on the ebbs and flows of Fenton’s downtown development. She remembers the Rowena Theater surrounded by a vibrant business district, the tearing down of the past, and now the rebuilding of something new. She takes great pride in her hometown and works every day to make it better.

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