Clio Area Community Fund

The Clio Area Community Fund supports a broad area of interests including arts and culture, community development, health and human services, and recreation.

A local advisory committee meets throughout the year to review grant applications and advise funding to nonprofits that exclusively benefit the City of Clio, Thetford Township and Vienna Township.

In 1991, the Clio Area Community Fund was established under the leadership of Alice Boyse, John Engelhart and Otis Stout. Miss Boyse was the first woman mayor of Clio and also served as a Community Foundation trustee from 1994-1995. Together, Alice, John and Otis conducted a fund raising drive that netted over $5,000 to establish the Clio Area Community Fund.

Clio Advisory Committee

  • Cary Engelhart, Chair
  • Leesa Lee, Vice Chair
  • Kent Kern, Past Chair
  • Patrick McGuire, Trustee Liaison
  • Gerry Barthel
  • Nicholas Belill
  • Martin L. Cousineau, D.C.
  • Shelley Hanchett
  • Kendra Reynolds
  • John Scott Roark
  • Marlene Wilson

Recent Grants

We Are Proud to Support These Great Nonprofits

  • Clio Area Schools

Endowed Funds associated with the Clio Area Community Fund

  • Alice L. Boyse Community Fund
  • Alice L. Boyse Scholarship Fund
  • Clio Area Education Fund
  • Clio Area Historical Association Fund of John and Clarice Engelhart
  • Clio Area Youth Initiative Program Fund
  • Clio Veterans Memorial Park Endowment Fund
  • Katherine A. Jones Fund
  • Marian F. Langworthy and J. Kelly Lugger Scholarship Fund
  • Latture Family Fund
  • Donald E. and Judy M. Lee Fund
  • G. Jim and Marlene Wilson Family Fund

For Don Lee the death of his beloved wife, Judy, is still raw. It’s only been a few months, but Don’s immediate actions will preserve his wife’s legacy through a gift to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The Donald E. and Judy M. Lee Fund has been established to benefit charitable causes in the Clio area for good, forever.

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