Investment Management

We consider our responsibility for stewardship to be multi-dimensional, which is a reflection of the variety of interests to be considered in a community foundation. For us that means we attempt whenever possible to integrate our investment considerations with the community impact they enable and the donor generosity that empowers them.

We have reporting requirements related to our Form 990 and audited financial statements. You can find those here:

FORM 990

Audited Financial Statements

We also have responsibility to review our investment performance with an eye on our ability to continue investing in Genesee County, For Good For Ever.

Our INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT describes how we structure our portfolio to achieve the investment goals we believe are required to enable us to match the generosity of our donors with the needs of our community.

Our INVESTMENT COMMITTEE reports to the CFGF BOARD OF TRUSTEES and works closely with our INVESTMENT CONSULTANT in establishing CFGFs investment strategy for targeted returns, risk profile, and distribution policy.