Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Leader Gives Time and Treasure

"The best people are those who give of themselves. I don't look at giving as only being the dollar given. The time given to make that happen is just as important."-Kay Iddins

Leader Gives Time and Treasure

She was only 12 years old when she first asked someone to donate. Her mother signed up to go door-to-door and canvas the neighborhood for the March of Dimes. But instead, she sent daughter Kay out with the collection jar. Ever since, Kay Iddins has been a volunteer of time and treasure.

Kay has served on the Davison Community Fund Advisory Committee for nine years, including two years as chairperson. During her leadership, Kay instituted the "Chair Challenge," an effort to help grow the community's endowment. Making a lead gift herself, the resulting challenge encouraged others to give and the endowment is now over $100,000.

"I support the Fund because I love Davison. Both of my children graduated from Davison Schools and received an excellent education," said Kay. "To quote someone from Davison, there are two kinds of people, the ones who live in Davison, and the ones who wish they did."

From Kay's perspective, the Fund has impacted the community with its grantmaking over the years. The sign at the entrance of the walking trail, the community garden start-up money, and the food rescue program at Outreach East are all examples of grants that have made a difference. "These grants stand out to me because we added something that Davison did not have before," Kay said.

She will miss her service on the committee and the friendships she has made. But for Kay Iddins, the gifts of time, talent and treasure will continue for her beloved Davison.