Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

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What if all our children could live in a just, equitable world?

At the Community Foundation of Greater Flint we’re putting equity at the center of our work.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Breastfeeding

Breast milk is often called “nature’s perfect food.” The health benefits of breastfeeding are well documented, along with the cost savings…

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Family Center Provides Enhanced Opportunities for Kids to Learn & Grow

Later this summer, children residing at Carriage Town Ministries and youth living in the nearby neighborhood will have access to a newly…

Flint Development Center Focuses on Improving Outcomes for Children

On a cold winter’s evening, the Flint Development Center is bursting with activity, hosting a game night for youth including a visit from…

Investing in Flint Kids

The story of the Flint Kids Fund began three years ago when a state of emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan, in response to the…

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Scholarship Program Helps Reduce the Financial Burden of Child Care

Jasmine Wallace works from home, an impossible task with two young children playing around her desk demanding attention. The Flint mother…

$30,000 Grant Addresses Gender Achievement Gap

In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Flint Women and Girls Fund, a $30,000 grant was recently awarded to the My Sister’s Keeper…

A Passion for Giving

Surrounded by world class art and mementos from her many travels abroad, Helene Streich is comfortable talking about the adventures in her…

Amalia Hernandez Leaves a Legacy

She lived a modest life and supported herself well into retirement, no easy accomplishment for a single woman who immigrated to the United…

Celebrating Jesse M. Muldrew, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessie M. Muldrew leads by example and is quick to share this message with the women and girls in her life: “There is nothing you…