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The Legacy of Florence Michelson

Florence Michelson

Florence Michelson was a quiet woman who loved her church and her garden. Born in Mundy Township in 1902, Florence moved to the Fenton area as a young girl, growing up on a farm at the corner of Jennings and Owen Roads. After attending college in Ypsilanti, Florence became a teacher and taught at the Riggs School. Florence was an active member of Fenton United Methodist Church.

She loved the Fenton community, and named the Fenton Community Fund as the beneficiary of her estate. Florence's legacy gift provided the necessary matching funds to establish the South Lakes Youth Advisory Program Fund, another endowment that is advised by Fenton area youth.

In the 25 years since the Florence Michelson Fund was established, the endowment has grown and the grants made have exceeded the initial gift. This is a testament to the power of endowment. We are grateful to Florence and for her generous gift that keeps on giving for good, forever.