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The Legacy of Cassandra Bronson

Cassandra Bronson

Cassandra is fondly remembered as a dedicated wife, mother, mentor, friend and true blue Wolverine. She had a passion for her sorority-Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter-and its principles of scholarship, service, sisterly love and finer womanhood. Cassandra especially enjoyed the Stork's Nest program which assists young, expectant mothers in obtaining needed prenatal health care.

Of all the quality gems, she was Zeta Beta Zeta's diamond, offering the chapter a foundation of strength, leadership, diplomacy, and drive which never wavered.

Genesee County's infant mortality rate is one of the highest in Michigan, a startling statistic that moved Cassandra Bronson to action. Her commitment to the Stork's Nest program for young girls was near and dear to her heart.

When Cassandra passed away, her husband, Waldo Bronson, established the Cassandra R. Bronson Endowment Fund to benefit the good works of the local Zeta Beta Foundation. Since 2007, over $3,200 in grants have supported the Stork's Nest program.

Stark's Nest volunteers from left, Elner Taylor, Billie Edwards, and Rose Murphy.

The Zetas embraced the program, a national initiative of the March of Dimes, to address infant mortality. Ten girls, ages 16-19, were involved in the program in 2017 held at Academy West school. Volunteers meet with expectant mothers, encouraging them to keep doctor's appointments, take prenatal vitamins, and learn new life skills. Speakers address various parenting topics and the girls earn points for participation.

"We offer incentives to the girls through participation points," said Billie Edwards, President, Flint Zeta Foundation. "They use their points to choose items from the Stork's Nest that they need for their newborn-toys, clothing, blankets, and other supplies. On graduation, one girl made all her appointments and earned a $50 gift certificate and a stroller!" Cassandra's legacy benefits the good work of the chapter's foundation for good, forever.