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The Legacy of Alice Boyse

Alyse Boyce

The City of Clio. Clio Cast & Crew. Clio Center for the Arts. Clio Area Historical Association. Clio Police Department. These local organizations have something in common-grant funding from the Alice L. Boyse Community Fund. Alice Boyse was a trendsetter for her time, giving back to her beloved Clio in her lifetime, and ensuring that the community she loved so dearly would thrive in the future. Alice had a favorite saying: "If you see something that needs to be done, do it." Alice lived up to those words and through the generosity of her brothers, her legacy of giving continues today.

A city commissioner for 23 years, Alice was the first woman mayor of the City of Clio. She served from 1989 to her death on the eve of the November 1995 election. Clio High School students remember Alice as their English and Latin teacher, where she taught for 41 years. She also served on the Community Foundation of Greater Flint Board of Trustees, and was the driving force behind the creation of the Clio Area Community Fund.

Visit the Clio City Park and you'll see the beautifully landscaped Alice Boyse Memorial Garden. A garden bench with a lasting tribute to Alice is surrounded by lush trees, plants and flowers. Harold and Charles Boyse honored their sister's legacy by establishing the Fund to benefit the Clio area, as well as a scholarship Fund for Clio graduates. Their generosity means that Alice's legacy of caring continues today, a fitting tribute to a woman who cared so deeply about her community.