Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Successful, healthy families is the #1 goal

Health issues can be barriers to learning when sick kids stay home from school and miss out on the day's activities. For families in the Bendle School District, a one-stop location is keeping students healthier and in school.

Bendle Health Services was founded in 1997 with a goal of improving the health status of 1,600 students living in the district. Students age 19 and younger-including infants-have access to free health care through Bendle Family Health Services located at Bendle Middle School.

Working together with its community partners, Bendle Family Health Services provides an array of services including immunization assessment, doctor visits, health education, dental care and screening programs. A team of medical professionals-a registered nurse, family physician, local dentist and other clinicians-operate the clinic, which is open Monday through Friday.

"We are making an important connection with our families and building a relationship of trust," said John J. Angle, Bendle Superintendent. "Knowing that you can obtain health services for your children is important to parents. Our program gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children's health care needs are being met."

The results are impressive. Incidents of head lice have diminished from a staggering 34 percent to now under 1 percent. Students suffering with asthma and high blood pressure are getting early detection and treatment, and immunization rates have soared.

Other risk factors such as body mass index, height, weight and blood pressure are being analyzed to demonstrate improvement. It's a comprehensive approach to health care, and Bendle is proud to be a model program for onsite, family health services.

"We are making an important connection with our families and building a relationship of trust."-John J. Angle, Bendle Superintendent