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Scholarship Program Helps Reduce the Financial Burden of Child Care

Scholarship recipient Kyden Wallace, age 2, with teacher Samantha Hill.

Jasmine Wallace works from home, an impossible task with two young children playing around her desk demanding attention. The Flint mother was looking for quality child care for her children and was thrilled to find Peyton's Learning Place in Clio. The location works well for the family because Wallace's parents live in Clio.

She was more excited to learn about the early childhood scholarships being offered there through Child Care Network Regional 4C. The scholarship program is part of a $250,000 grant supported by the Flint Kids Fund. Through the program, Flint parents are eligible to receive a child care subsidy based on their income.

"They get to interact with other children their ages," Wallace says. "Being able to be around other children and learning new things ... it's helping me!" Kyden, age 2, enjoys singing new songs at home and loves being read to. Daughter Alyna, age 3, is now potty-trained and that's been a huge help for mom.

And teachers are helping with her speech skills as well. "Scholarships like these reduce the financial burden for families. Child care is expensive and families may not earn enough income to afford the full cost of care," said Annette J. Sobocinski, Executive Director of Child Care Network Regional 4C. "Our goal is that 95 percent of families will report their children as being better prepared for school as a result of this program."

Beyond the scholarships, the Network also provides support to Flint area child care providers on quality improvement initiatives, such as the Great Start to Quality.

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