Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Literacy Spotlight: Dianndra Davis

Dianndra Davis is a single mother of two children. When she first came to Christ Enrichment Center (CEC), Dianndra was homeless, without a job, had an unresolved legal issue, and was not spending quality time with her children. Through the support of CEC, Dianndra and her children are now living on their own, she is on her way to finishing her GED, her legal issues are resolved, she has a fulfilling and well paid job, and she is invested in her children's lives. At age 25, she is experiencing rewarding parenting, job satisfaction, financial security and life stability.

In addition to her GED courses, Dianndra learned practical skills at CEC, like personal finance and healthy cooking classes. She also learned the value of spending time with her children, explaining that "we took our children to the museum, the library, to Disney on Ice, to the Saginaw Zoo-we went everywhere" with CEC. Before the Family Literacy program, "I wasn't taking my kids to the library. I wasn't reading to them, I wasn't helping with homework. Now I spend more quality time with my kids. I make sure I'm doing things with them throughout the week, like I'll take them for a bike ride. I never spent a lot of time with them before and now I do."

As with other students, CEC helped Dianndra gain employment. They also arranged for a Saturday morning tutor, which has kept her working and on track to graduate.

Reflecting on the value of this program, Dianndra explained, "There are a lot of single mothers out there with no help. CEC is giving them opportunities to get their GED, to get jobs, to get closer to their families, to be better moms. Family Literacy is helping. It's getting little girls like me big jobs."