Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.


Linda Pohly

She grew up in Flint’s historic Civic Park neighborhood, attended Flint schools, and established her legal practice here. For Linda Pohly, Flint is home and where her heart is. It is also the place for charitable clients looking to make a gift today, or through their estate plans.

“Sometimes people come in with an idea to address a particular community need and the conversation immediately turns to the Community Foundation,” Linda explained. “Keeping the money local helps preserve the future of the community.”

One of Linda’s clients, Amalia Hernandez, had a vision of helping women who were trying to get their life going. When she passed away, Linda helped establish the Amalia Hernandez Fund that accomplishes her objectives.

"The Community Foundation is local, flexible, and can address solutions to very different problems now and in the future. The nonprofit organizations may be different in 50 years, but the money will still be there.”