Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Let’s Support the Mission

Sonya and Joel LaGore

At the age of 3, she was adopted from South Korea by a Flint police officer and a Flint school teacher. Throughout her entire life, Sonya LaGore recognized the power of giving. Her parents gave of their time, energy and resources, providing her with an incredible life she would not have experienced otherwise.

He grew up in a family with values rooted deeply in their faith. Based on their belief system, he was taught from a young age to give with a happy heart and to be grateful for God's blessings. In turn, Joel LaGore knew those gifts needed to be shared with others.

"The foundation of my life is based on gratitude and giving back," said Sonya, a Community Foundation Trustee. "We believe we are here to love God, love others, and serve those around us."

Creating a charitable fund to support the Community Foundation's operations is a good investment, Sonya says. Established by OLV Investment Group, the couple's firm located in downtown Flint, the gift "gives us the opportunity to contribute to the success of those behind the scenes while supporting the organization as a whole."

"We believe every community needs a motivator for good. We feel one of the best driving forces in and for Genesee County is the community foundation," said Joel. "We also know that behind every great foundation is an amazing team of professionals that need our support."

The LaGores hope that their gift will serve as encouragement and a call to other young local business owners to start giving back to the community as well.

"We have high hopes for a return to prosperity and are convinced that Flint can be renewed to greatness. We are very optimistic about our community and its future," Sonya explains. "There are a number of leaders who are dedicated to philanthropy and are seeking to bring rejuvenation to this area. The community foundation does a terrific job creating an attitude of unity and a spirit of participation within leaders.

"We are committed to giving to those in need. We will give our time, talents and treasure whenever the opportunity arises."