Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Learning Together: Mothers and children gain educational and life skills in the Family Literacy…

Women in the Family Literacy Program at Christ Enrichment Center read to their children to practice their own literacy skills as well as encourage early literacy in their preschoolers.

Carina (not her real name) came to Flint to live with a boyfriend. She had no job, no family support, and no high school degree. She was pregnant and had a preschooler, but no resources, no connections, no friends-until she joined the Family Literacy Program at Christ Enrichment Center. Now, Carina has passed her GED, is applying to college, and has new skills and connections. Hers is one of many similar stories.

"The women who come to us have histories of generational poverty, abuse, and neglect. We bring them in and treat them as human beings," said Danielle Brown, program coordinator. "We acknowledge that they have dreams and desires for themselves and their children, as well as practical needs, and that they won't be able to focus on learning if some of their other needs aren't met."

Women participating in the pilot program gain access to a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who provide a multifaceted approach to adult education, focusing not only on literacy, but also on fostering a healthy family environment that encourages learning.

A $25,000 grant supported this valuable program that is proving the adage "When you educate a woman, you educate the whole family."