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Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Investing in Flint Kids

The story of the Flint Kids Fund began three years ago when a state of emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan, in response to the city's lead in water crisis. Within days, donors from all walks of life responded with concern and empathy for the residents of Flint, especially the children.

Through no fault of their own, our children were exposed to a toxic chemical in their drinking water. We are now three years into the recovery, and your gift to the Flint Kids Fund is an investment in their future. Look at the faces of Flint children in this year's report and you'll see the strong return on your investment!

When the water crisis hit, our children were already facing adverse childhood experiences. Today, thanks to people like you, they are settling into new learning opportunities while their parents and caregivers access an array of new resources. Trust is slowly rebuilding, and the community is moving from crisis to recovery.

The Flint Kids Fund is the tomorrow fund, meant to follow this cohort of youth into young adulthood. The trauma of the Flint water crisis requires long term recovery grounded in the science of child development. Your investments made today will help ensure a more promising future for tomorrow. Thank you for being part of our recovery.

Read the 2018 Flint Kids Impact report here.