Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Her Passion is Making Connections

Joyce Thewalt

She grew up in a candy store in Detroit, learning from her father at a very early age that the customer is always right. She's the consummate connector, storyteller and enthusiastic community supporter. For Joyce Thewalt, "give me an audience, and boy I'm up there!"

For nine years, Joyce has served as a member of the Grand Blanc Community Fund Advisory Committee. She was appointed to the group because of her deep community knowledge gained through work experiences.

She's served in so many ways. When she and her husband Bill moved to Grand Blanc in 1970, she got involved with the YWCA of Greater Flint. "That was my first entrée to community and I really enjoyed serving with women who were so involved," Joyce recalls. "That's where I learned to raise money which led me to the United Way. I always enjoyed talking to people about why they should give."

For years she worked in community ... at the United Way, Visually Impaired Center, the Shelter of Flint, the Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce and Comfort Keepers. Now retired, Joyce is proud of her unique ability to connect people.

"One joy I find is seeing people grow," says Joyce. "You can't hold on ... you've got to mentor the next generation. It's important to teach them the value of giving."

In her joyful, fun and silly way, Joyce Thewalt has always voiced her opinions and asked the tough questions. "I've watched the committee evolve and dig deeper into what the needs of our community are. We've come a long way, and being a part of this group will always hold a big part of my heart."