Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Grayce Scholt: A Generosity of Spirit

Flint was in its hey-day when Grayce Scholt was lured to town to teach at Flint Junior College (now Mott Community College). The campus was expanding, the community college movement was new and exciting, and Grayce hit it off with the head of the English Department.

"From the beginning I fell in love with the place despite the grass, mud and construction," Grayce said.

So she packed her bags at the University of Wisconsin and moved to Flint in 1955, a bustling area at the time with 11 General Motors plants. "It was so busy here I couldn't find an apartment to live," said Grayce. "I stayed at the YWCA for a short time until I was able to find a place."

She taught English and children's literature at Mott Community College for 35 years, retiring in 1990. Today Grayce is busier than ever, volunteering at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, serving as a trustee at the Flint Institute of Arts and writing poetry. Also an accomplished artist, Grayce takes great pride in the many ceramic works she has created-including a wall of colorful fish.

Her support of the Flint Women and Girls Fund is impressive but not surprising, as she has been an advocate and supporter of many causes.

For Grayce, philanthropy is having a "generosity of spirit." Her generosity to the Flint Women and Girls Fund is very much appreciated. She also enjoys giving to several animal organizations, the Friends of For-Mar Foundation, the Christ Enrichment Center Endowment Fund, and the Community Foundation's Community Impact Fund.

"I get a rush when I make a gift," she says. "I take great joy in giving and I'm glad that I am comfortable enough to do that."