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Girls Learn New Skills in Coding, Music Workshops

Two unique learning opportunities were offered to local girls this summer at Factory Two and Flint Local 432, thanks to a $12,500 grant from several charitable funds of the Community Foundation. The programs-Django Girls Flint and Girls Rock Flint-offered the chance to learn about music and/or coding, a technical skill used in computer programming.

Django Girls Flint offered women and girls exposure to coding and programming skills. During the workshop, participants gained an introductory knowledge of coding languages Python, Django, CSS, and HTML. They also created their own blog from the ground up.

"Django Girls won't make anybody an expert in coding," said Sara Johnson, Camp Director at Factory Two. "It gives them the exposure they might not have had otherwise, and encourages them to keep learning and improving."

At Factory Two, the Django Girls will find a year round home, with monthly meetups for participants to gather and work on projects, get support from volunteer instructors, and create new project teams.

Girls Rock Flint was a week-long camp experience. Campers spent the week forming a band and writing a song with girls they'd never met previously. Instructional sessions were guided by a professional music instructor, a young women herself.

"Through their bands, all Girls Rock campers developed advocacy and leadership skills, making choices about their songs, name, logo, merchandise, and stage presence," said Johnson. "Girls Rock campers who wish to continue their band, or form new bands with new friends, have a perfect outlet with Flint Local 432 as a venue to play concerts, learn how to run sound and lights, and get involved in the alcohol free music scene."

This collaborative grant was made possible through the Flint Women and Girls Fund, Dorothy W. Booth Fund, Joyce M. Conner Fund, Denise K. Ghattas Fund, Best Hurand Fund, Suseela Kanuri and Satyavathi Anne Fund, Harriett and Watson Kenworthy Fund, Penny Krutsch Fund, Karen R. Piper Fund, and the Dorothy M. Reynolds Fund.

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