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Gathering Resources: Sybyl M. Atwood Fund

Sybyl Atwood

Sybyl Atwood is remembered as a community connector-a woman known for gathering resources and connecting them with people in need. Her career as Director of Information and Resources at the Resource Center ended when she succumbed to a long battle with cancer.

Her legacy will live on forever, through the Sybyl M. Atwood Fund. Larry Cappel, a director of the Robert and Christine Steinmann Family Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio, established the fund through a director's grant from the Foundation. The Fund's purpose is to support programs and organizations that provide emergency resources to residents of Genesee County facing immediate and critical needs.

Cappel was fascinated by Sybyl's intense intelligence, desire to make things happen and get them done-no matter what it took. He described her as extremely well read and a stimulating conversationalist. He respected her so much that he wanted her legacy to continue through the program which funds immediate needs of Genesee County residents.