Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

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The Legacy of Almeda Hunter

Wife, mother, competent professional, hard-working gardener, community volunteer, source of love and strength to her many friends – all terms to describe Almeda B.

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Linda Pohly

She grew up in Flint’s historic Civic Park neighborhood, attended Flint schools, and established her legal practice here. For Linda Pohly, Flint is home and where her heart is. It is also the place for charitable clients looking to make a gift today, or through their estate plans.

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The Links – Flint Kids Do Matter

Dynamic is defined as a force that stimulates change or progress within a system. This word best describes the Flint Area Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, an international organization of professional women dedicated to service and creating opportunities for their communities. When the Flint water crisis reached its peak in 2016, and over 10,000 children ages 0-6 were impacted by poisoned water, The Links took action.

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Don and Cindy Gansen Love Seeing Their Family Values in Action

The couple has been giving back to the Flushing community for years through their time, talent and treasure. Leading by example – having their children see them involved in community affairs – set a good example and showed how that service makes a difference. And when they see their adult children now pay it forward, that’s what really matters.

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He was an athlete from Kentucky, she was the homecoming queen from Michigan.

They met at Freed Hardeman University in Tennessee and eloped a few months later. For this young couple in love, it was a secret they kept while living in separate dorms. Sondra and Charles “Chuck” Creasey didn’t keep the secret for long.

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Their Love for Clio is Everlasting

For Don Lee the death of his beloved wife, Judy, is still raw. It’s only been a few months, but Don’s immediate actions will preserve his wife’s legacy through a gift to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The Donald E. and Judy M. Lee Fund has been established to benefit charitable causes in the Clio area for good, forever.

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Preserving All That is Good

Sitting on a bench overlooking Leroy Street, Linda Hathaway reflects on the ebbs and flows of Fenton’s downtown development. She remembers the Rowena Theater surrounded by a vibrant business district, the tearing down of the past, and now the rebuilding of something new. She takes great pride in her hometown and works every day to make it better.

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Let’s Walk the Talk

Mark Miller, General Motors Executive, and Community Foundation Trustee, recalls growing up in the kind of neighborhood that everyone refers to today as “a village.” It was a place and time when borrowing a cup of sugar was the norm and front porches enhanced neighbors caring for neighbors and fostered a community connection filled with care and concern.

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A Really Awesome Veterinarian

Dr. Kendra Reynolds never had a Plan B. Her essay, at age of 13, detailed her desires to become a veterinarian. She followed through, graduated from Clio High School, attended Michigan State University, and returned home to practice her calling.

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Let’s Give for Education

Sitting around their kitchen table in a peaceful neighborhood in Grand Blanc, Kamal and Shashi Gupta reflect on the philanthropic values they share together as a couple, and as a family. Two grandchildren join in the conversation, commenting on how their grandfather brings books to their school and how happy and proud that makes them feel.