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Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

Celebrating 20 Exciting Years: Vision, Action & Accomplishment

Piper Family Award Recipients (from left) M. Harry and Wanda Piper, Robert and Judy Piper, Lawrence and Joanne Piper, Randy Piper, Bill Piper, and Emily and John Siler.

This was no ordinary annual meeting. Nearly 400 friends of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint gathered at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre to commemorate our organization's 20th anniversary-a perfect time to mark the progress we've made, honor dedicated volunteers, and turn an eye toward the future.

Keynote speaker, William S. White, chairman, president and CEO of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, congratulated the Community Foundation's Board of Trustees for their leadership in growing the community and for their unwavering commitment to the redevelopment of downtown Flint.

Special guests included 10 members of the Piper family who were presented with a new philanthropy award as part of CFGF's 20th anniversary celebration. The Piper Family Philanthropy Award recognizes a legacy of extraordinary service, commitment, and generosity in furthering the Community Foundation's mission. Six Piper families-all grandchildren of Mark H. and Nellie Piper, founders of Piper Realty Company-were chosen to receive the first award.

"We are part of seven generations of family who have lived or are living in this community," said Bill Piper, speaking on behalf of the family. "So much of the recognition being given to us belongs to the previous generations who taught all of us the value of giving back to our community. It is our hope that our children, our grandchildren, our great
grandchildren,as well as the generations to come, will continue to honor this legacy of giving back."

Dr. W. Archibald Piper, a retired Flint plastic surgeon, was recognized as the 2008 Dr. Clement A. Alfred Humanitarian Award recipient. Nominated by the Genesee County Medical Society, Dr. Piper has been a quiet example of what one person can do to create change and exemplify humanitarianism. The award was established by the family of Dr. Clement A. Alfred to recognize local health care professionals and humanitarians.