Stories of Meaningful Change


Stories from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

A Passion for Giving

Helene Streich

A Passion for Giving

Surrounded by world class art and mementos from her many travels abroad, Helene Streich is comfortable talking about the adventures in her life. She is especially proud of her three sons and their families who have succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.

When she's not spending time with family in Wisconsin, Helene devotes her energy to helping the community prosper. Her list of community activities is impressive, including serving on the Flint Women and Girls Fund Advisory Committee seventeen years ago when the Libby Award was created.

A former kindergarten teacher, Helene's community spirit was inspired by her parents. Her father, Harold Hardenbrook, an engineer for Buick Motor Company, served on the Flint Institute of Arts board. Her mother was a teacher at the former Fairview School and enjoyed music and the arts.

"A true philanthropist is a friend of man and the environment," Helene says. "If you are a friend, you don't take advantage of your environment-you preserve it.

"If you support a cause, keep that cause going and growing bigger and better," she continued. "This you can do by acts of kindness, acts of goodness and acts of charity."