Census 2020 – Leading the Way to a Complete Count

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint is a census hub for the 2020 Census in Genesee County. The purpose of the Census Hub is to educate nonprofits about what’s at stake for the 2020 census; mobilize nonprofits in get out the count efforts; award and manage grants to local nonprofits; partner with local complete count committees to coordinate and avoid duplication of efforts; and serve as a campaign key messenger with local media and state, federal policymakers in support of funding and outreach for the census.

What’s At Stake

Being undercounted deprives Flint of equal political representation and private and public resources. Those with the most to lose from an undercount are the hardest to count, including communities of color, immigrants, young children, the homeless, and those traditionally served by nonprofits.

Based on a recent study from George Washington University, and based on the population of Flint, the amount of annual funding in question amounts to about $142 million for critical services and programs. This translates to $1,800 per person, per year, for every person not counted.

Many of these funding areas are particularly relevant in Flint, including early childhood education (HeadStart); access to healthy food and nutrition (SNAP and school lunches); and access to a medical home (WIC, S-Chip and Medicaid).

The Goal

In Flint, the overall response rate to the 2010 census was 79.1%. However, due to the struggles facing the city, the response rate is expected to decrease to 74.2% in 2020.

Census 2020 : Everyone Counts! Podcast

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