C-19 Rapid Response Initiative Grants 

Grant Organization Objectives/Goals Grant Amount
African Drum and Dance Parents Association To support a distance learning program for inner city youth, facilitating african drum and dance.  $7,544.00
Asbury Community Development Corporation For payroll expenses to provide human services and support food delivery to residents.  $49,704.00
Bethel United Methodist Church  To facilitate distance learning and convert curriculum to digital. $15,000.00
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint To provide safe space for virtual school for youth ages 7-17. $20,000.00
Carriage Town Ministries To offset additional staff costs needed to attend to the 24-hour needs of those in the COVID positive triage and purchase additional sanitation and food service supplies.  $46,000.00
Child Care Network To increase access to quality early learning and child care programs for children of families disproportionately impacted by COVID.  $50,000.00
Communication Access Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  To enable Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf/Blind individuals and their families to have access to COVID health realted information, services and programs that is linguistically appropriate.  $25,000.00
Communities First, Inc.  To facilitate access to technology and information for families living in low-income housing units for students to participate in online classes.  $125,500.00
Creative Expressions Dance Studio, Inc.  To facilitate distance learning for students.  $5,000.00
Crim Fitness Foundation, Inc.  The Flint Community Education Initiative Rapid Response Project will utilize the requested funds to address COVID-19 related needs through food delivery to vulnerable populations and expenses to facilitate distance learning strategies.  $25,000.00
Easter Seals - Michigan, Inc.  To increase outreach for services to families, provide virtual services and improve office safety with PPE.  $32,500.00
Empower To provide fresh, healthy and nutritional foods at no cost, additionally every child will be given educational materials to enrich their educational experience during virtual learning.  $35,000.00
Ennis Center for Children, Inc.  To assist foster children with resources needed for their distance learning.  $11,700.00 
Faith Foundation Resources To provide job readiness training for youth and young adults at area high schools community centers virtual and safe with PPE.  $30,131.02
Flint Innovative Solutions To staff, execute, and evaluate four programs centered around closing the technological gap for the students, parents, aging adults, and faith leaders.  $85,000.00
Food Bank of Eastern Michigan  To improve FBEM's infrastructure, transportation, technology, and warehousing to meet increased need for food.  $224,000.00
Food Bank of Eastern Michigan To purchase approximately 400,000 diapers to be provided to the community at no cost.  $50,000.00
Friends of Berston Virtual learning program for students K-12.  $30,000.00
Genesee County Literacy Coalition To provide technology resources to distance learners.  $17,900.00
Genesee Health Plan Provide PPE for staff for face to face engagement.  $10,370.00
Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church To return to worship safely and facilitate worship online.  $11,075.00
Hasselbring Senior Center To provide Covid19 awareness and implement strategies for mitigation and suppression of the disease for members,staff, partners and community members.  $10,740.00
Hurley Foundation Establish and re-establish access to healthcare.  $100,000.00
James E. Kennedy Family Life Center Non-Profit Corporation To support community center programs including distance learning and PPE to be CDC compliant.  $57,500.00
LatinX Technology & Community Center of Greater Flint To provide a variety of services to the community by serving as a hub.  $50,000.00
MADE Institute To provide access to mental health professionals via text service.  $6,322.00
McFarlan Charitable Corporation To purchase personal protective equipment(PPE) for frontline workers who are proving care for older adults.  $4,500.00
McLaren Flint Foundation Expand upon community health and wellness programs. $6,000.00
Metro Community Development  To support grants to African American/LatinX-owned businesses.  $250,000.00
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church To purchase supplies, equipment, and contract services that will enable the church to safely operate/retro fit restrooms/touchless restrooms.  $30,000.00
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church To purchase supplies to reopen Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in a safely guided way. $35,900.00
New Flint Neighborhood Programs, Inc.  To return to safe worship.  $3,000.00
Salem Lutheran Church To purchase supplies, equipment, and contract services that will enable the church to safely operate.  $31,496.00
St. Luke's N.E.W. Life Center To support distance learning/tutoring program enhancements.  $19,000.00
Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village To retro fit restroom/touchless restrooms to be CDC compliant for distance learners at center.  $88,500.00
Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village To provide fresh food boxes and educational activities for children engaged in virtual school.  $55,000.00
The Disability Network To support unconscious bias web online training program for health care workers, clinicians and Covid-19 front line response agencies.  $18,121.00 
The Foundation for Mott Community College To provide face shields to African American and LatinX students for use while attending classes, clinicals, internships, externships, and apprenticeships.  $20,739.39
The Salvation Army To support the food reclamation distribution and social services programs to ensure the safety and improve the comfort of clients and staff.  $25,000.00
United Way of Genesee County To install a walk in freezer, purchase food and cover payroll costs to ditribute food to families disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.  $132,300.00
Wellness AIDS Services, Inc.  To combat and provide food insecurity, personal needs. and PPE.  $20,000.00
Whaley Children's Center To create a safe space to practice social distancing and enable compliance with Covid-19 health precautions.  $33,147.59
Wolverine State Missionary Baptist Convention To support curriculum development updates, online instructional materials, cost of professional development for site coordinators and tutors, evaluation/assessment development and analysis, parent workshops, stipends for tutor instruction, technology support for all participants, parent care packets, and book bags with instructional material for households. $17,000.00
Woodside Church  To expand our existing discretionary emergency assistance, providing emergency economic assistance for to affected families in our target constituencies, in collaboration with the Genesee County Hispanic Latino Collaborative $40,000.00
Young Men's Christian Association of Flint To provide a weekly program that gives struggling students who cannot attend school a safe place to go during the day to complete their virtual learning. $150,000.00