Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust helps you build a charitable fund with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint during the trust’s term. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets are transferred to you or your heirs, often with significant transfer-tax savings.

How it Works

You transfer cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets into an irrevocable charitable trust. We establish a fund in your name, in the name of your family or business, or in honor of any person or organization you choose. Your Charitable Lead Trust pays the Community Foundation an annual amount to build a charitable fund. You designate the trust to exist for a specified number of years or until your death. You also designate your family or anyone you choose as the final beneficiary of your trust.

If you choose, you can stay involved in the good works your gift makes possible – working with our professional program staff to support the causes and agencies you care about most. We handle all the administrative details, awarding grants to charities in the name of the fund you establish.