Top 5 Benefits of Working with Us

You are an expert in providing outstanding financial guidance for your clients. We are experts in where and how they can create lasting change for the community they care about.

When you are looking to expand the philanthropic options you present to your clients, here are five reasons why suggesting a relationship with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint can help you do more for them:

  1. Deepen Your Bench

    With decades of financial and philanthropic management experience and current understanding of the legal options and obligations of charitable giving, our team becomes a functional extension of your practice. We have extensive knowledge of the challenges, issues, and nonprofits in our community combined with a proven record of navigating the myriad giving options for sustained and effective philanthropy.

    When you partner with us you immediately gain an expert team to support you in your practice.

  2. Grow Charitable Giving Options

    When clients are in a place to make a substantial charitable gift they have several options. For those looking to make impactful change now or protect their legacy with giving later, the Community Foundation offers several clear and simple ways to give back to the community in a profound and sustainable way.

  3. Simplify and Streamline Fund Management

    For any clients considering establishing a private fund or foundation, there are additional costs and administration that come with those. Through the Community Foundation you can offer and facilitate a named fund that puts more of your clients’ money into their giving goals and protects more of your time and resources from the additional burden of managing a private entity for them.

We consider attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and other professionals who have relationships with donors to be our valued partners in charitable giving. To aid in your success we offer tools and information to make it easier for you to support their philanthropic options while ensuring that they receive the full benefit of their contributions as they support the charities of their choice.

Stability and Integrity in Perpetuity

With over 30 years’ experience and an endowment stewarded with sound and effective investment strategies, you can trust that when you recommend us to your clients you are offering them a solution that will be here long after your own retirement.

With the ever-growing demands of the financial management business, let us make adding a philanthropic arm to your services easy, effective, and powerful – for you and for your clients.

If you want to do more for your clients, or have any questions about how we can help you, call or send us a message.

Advisor Resources

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint offers you a variety of tools to help you work with your clients to maximize the impact of their charitable giving.


We’re happy to share information to you and your colleagues about the benefits of charitable giving. Our staff speaks to groups about charitable giving options, community needs and issues, our grantmaking priorities and impact, and planned giving.

Trust Illustrations

Your clients may be seeking giving opportunities that provide capital gains savings, an income tax deduction, and a lifetime income for the donor, donor’s spouse, or another individual. We can provide the options available to your clients along with illustrations, a brief description of the gift plan, and annual cash flow projections.


If your clients are interested in learning more about any of the following topics, please call 810-767-8270.